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Have you ever thought about working for yourself?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

After last week's True North Revival announcement (thank you by the way for the INCREDIBLE response after 2 years away), we FINALLY got to share what we've been working on this past year.

And now we could use your help.

If you've ever thought about working for yourself one day or you know, deep inside, that you were made for more than your current gig... this next one's for you.

Read on!

Have you ever thought about working for yourself one day?

If there's one thing we've heard from you over the last two years, it's finding answer to a deep deep desire:


And there's never been a better time.

TNR's mission is to help amazing people like you who are called to living life on your terms.

I'm here to help you build something that finally makes this goal of yours a reality.

But I need your help.

Help Us Help You

To ensure we do this right, we would LOVE your feedback.

Would you be willing to complete this super quick questionnaire?

Our wish is that True North will provide the right path, guidance & support to those whose True North lifestyle is achieved through working for yourself, on your terms.

By taking a few minutes to share, you will be helping guide Revival for many.


Mickeli Bedore

When you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Join the True North Collective: Join our exclusive membership program of like-minded people on their focused journey to maximize freedom and fulfillment. We provide the strategies, action, and accountability you need to find and live your true north lifestyle.

  2. Attend an upcoming revival event: Join an in-person gathering of freedom-seekers and fulfillment enthusiasts for exhilarating live experiences that blend fun, connection, and transformative learning.

  3. Follow me on LinkedIn. Ready to ditch the ordinary and carve your path to genuine freedom? Brace yourself for uncensored stories, unconventional wisdom, and a one-way ticket to unbridled freedom and fulfillment.

Upcoming Events:

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