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"I'm totally going to do _____, when I'm ______."

Oooofda. One of my LEAST favorite lines is "oh, I'll be living the dream when ____ [I retire, my kids leave the house, when inflation drops, I get promoted, bla bla].

From ​my linked in posts​, to DM's & txt's... I talk about this weekly. Why?

Because you ARE crazy & they are all out to get you ;)

Not really, that's just the excuse side of your brain convincing you that you are too young, then too old??

IF you are reading this thinking, "hey wait... I resemble that statement!"

Read on!

If not now, when?

I quit working for someone else at 30 years of age. I honestly thought I'd last a year & go right back to Oracle.

That was 12 years ago & I will tell you, it's been as easy as jumping >>>

into ice cold glacier water every single day.

Whether it's an uncharted investment I take on, new business we start OR just some gamble I roll red on, we win OR learn. Not a day goes by that is "perfect" but it's fun.

The goal is the journey, NOT the destination. You will NEVER know it all ever, so this is what I've learned ::

  1. I swear, one minute I could drink & eat ANYTHING with zero repercussions. Today? Not so much, as goes the way I make choices regarding my time exchange.

  2. There will never be a better time to launch a business, learn how to invest [public businesses, real estate, etc.] or take the plunge than now. You don't want to be late to this party. Compounding interest, experience & opportunity are real.

  3. The biggest regret, as been documented for all of time, is the risks you don't take vs. the ones you do. PLEASE don't be the old person living in a past of "coulda been" at the table. That person sucks to be around.

We were NOT created to live in regret. Our bodies & minds were designed for so much bigger.

The take away idea? Calculated risks don't hurt.

We weren’t created to admire someone else’s dream from the stands. You were designed to live out yours.

If you need help realizing yours, reach out - time is the one luxury we can't afford to squander.


When you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Build + Grow your dream  My day job as the co-founder of branding/marketing +sales agency Reverb allows me to not only scale & grow startups + small to medium sized businesses nationally. It also enables me to provide the strategies, action, and accountability you need to find and live your true north lifestyle.

  2. Focus on your wealthness Come on over or fly in for one of a kind in-person gatherings full of freedom-seekers and fulfillment enthusiasts seeking longevity via exhilarating live experiences that blend fun, connection, and transformative connection.

  3. Follow me on LinkedIn. Ready to ditch the ordinary and carve your path to genuine freedom? Brace yourself for uncensored stories, unconventional wisdom, and a one-way ticket to unbridled freedom and fulfillment content.

Upcoming Appearances:

IN HONOR OF GRADUATION WEEK, a few local entrepreneurs featured in Shark Tank, Inc., Men's Journal and more are coming together in hopes of inspiring the next wave of dreamers.

Former graduates from the Red River Valley turned prolific investors and founders gather at the historic Hawley Theater, May 22nd to lead a night of entrepreneurial stories, laughs & inspiration.

Join us on the eve of graduation for a night of panel discussion, open Q&A and networking around investing and growing a thriving business/life in your own hometown.

The event is FREE, get your tickets here.

Montana Festival is bringing together the top entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators, investors, culture creators, designers, community builders, movers, shakers and policymakers to connect, share ideas, and accelerate Made in Montana ideas, projects, startups, and policy solutions that create good jobs, great towns, and can serve as model across America.

Get your tickets here.

Enterprise Rising is the BIGGEST tech/nerd fest in the Midwest. Featuring top investors, who's who of founders & niche specialists who help them boom... like me! The gist? 100% SaaS. 100% startups. 100% Midwest. One full day of SaaS awesomeness.

Get your tickets here

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