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If not now, when?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

One of the more common reasons I hear, keeping those who want to work for themselves from doing so is...

"I don't believe that I can."

Every one has had a different way to describe it (financial, fear of failure, family strain, etc.) but the root of the reason is the same.

Lack of belief.

You think an idiot like me thought he could be a pilot?

I get it. I've been there too and If I can, you can.

So read on!

Worst timing EVER

In March of 2015, I walked away from a financially secure, 11 year software sales career.

I didn't have a business plan, but I DID have a new baby (our 1st) and our new home on the lake tied to a mortgage that scared the hell out of me.

I can't remember if it was the inflated quota I was just handed (to make up for the round of layoffs I'd recently survived) or the mandatory 10 day training trip + conference I was forced to attend in Vegas that provided me the adrenaline to finally take the leap, but I DO know...

Though I wasn't "ready", deep down, I knew there was NEVER going to be the perfect time to make this dream a reality.

Like you, I had bills to pay, a family to take care of AND the fake security of golden handcuffs keeping me from the life I really wanted.

I had the dream of breaking away and doing something I truly love, wanting to build something that both provided for my family while making me feel fulfilled.

I just wanted to have a Friday (for once), to focus on my newborn vs. handle another 45 minute fire drill via an "urgent" notification on at 5:10pm via slack... only to eat my night away till 9pm.

I wanted to be happy & available to my family.

Because I wasn't either and it was beginning to affect the person I was at home.

Even so, like you, I didn't want to give "comfort" up and put my family at risk if I failed.

So I chose not to, here's how.

Time Batching

I completely understand your feeling of "risk." I knew I needed to get out of my current situation as my physical + mental health began to suffer. Even so, the thought of going all in paralyzed me.

So, I decided to meet myself in the middle and started looking at gaps in my daily schedule that I could potentially re-purpose towards my escape path.

I discovered, I had 4 "wasted" hours a day I could dedicate to make my dream a reality.

Every hour that could be cut in half or eliminated was now dedicated to laser focused time spent working on my escape path.

2 hour lunches? Cut. Waking up at 7:30? 6am now. 4:30 happy hours? Cancelled.

You know what happened?

I started to find purpose in both! My performance at my W2 started to mirror the success I was having as a side hustler because my fear of failure was so mitigated, it disappeared.

I share this, because if you’re at where I was, today is the best time to start.

If not now, when?

For those that hear the calling, let me share a little more. [Link to Video]

*ALL italic lines represent actual statements from our True North community*


Mickeli Bedore

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