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The Call.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

My dad always said to me, "nothing worth doing is easy."

Boy did that advice come in handy as I struggled through school, 11 years of corporate grind & my first years as an entrepreneur.

The thing is, us humans always figure it out.

We were born to adapt, so we can survive. So why not thrive?

Read on!

The risk of playing it safe.

There are SO many mental obstacles that keep folks on the sidelines while others live their dreams, but the simple fact is...

You become what you believe.

I barely graduated high school, tripped through college & spent my 20's paying off a pile of credit card debt thanks to ZERO financial literacy.

I truly challenge you to be as irresponsible & average as I was.

Despite my short comings, I would hear my dad's advice & convince myself every morning, that I was made for greater. I would work harder than my corporate peers, I would tell myself in the mirror I was the best & you know what happened?

Eventually, I bought it.

It was this forced mindset that turned me into a top performer at 3 of the largest software companies in the world & it was the SAME mindset that gave me the confidence to leave the corporate comfort I had created to go on my own.


Because when the despair of debt was lifted, I looked around & saw very unfulfilled people that as a new dad, I couldn't risk becoming.

The Call.

After going on my own (full time) 8 years ago, one simple truth I've learned along the journey is...

If entrepreneurship keeps calling, Pick Up.

Inaction is a thief & fear is a liar. Waiting for the right time is costing you more than it’s saving. Trust me, there will NEVER be the "right time".

Not everyone was made to be the next Elon Musk...however, NO one was created to be kicked around, told what to do & loath 5 out of every 7 days a week.

The great news is to create a GREAT life, on your terms, it's WAY simpler than most think.

We are a week or so away from launching our first accelerator for wantrepreneurs that have always wanted to be entrepreneurs, but don't know where to start. In this program, me & some of the country's leading subject matter experts have committed to helping you try entrepreneurship with minimal risk.


Because collectively, we believe the world would be a better place if folks did what they love & spent more time with the ones they love.

Let me better explain in this short video. [To Watch Click Here]


Mickeli Bedore

When you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Join the True North Collective: Join our exclusive membership program of like-minded people on their focused journey to maximize freedom and fulfillment. We provide the strategies, action, and accountability you need to find and live your true north lifestyle.

  2. Attend an upcoming revival event: Join an in-person gathering of freedom-seekers and fulfillment enthusiasts for exhilarating live experiences that blend fun, connection, and transformative learning.

  3. Follow me on LinkedIn. Ready to ditch the ordinary and carve your path to genuine freedom? Brace yourself for uncensored stories, unconventional wisdom, and a one-way ticket to unbridled freedom and fulfillment.

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