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YOUR Survey Results are in..

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

I want to sincerely thank EVERYONE who took our "have you ever wanted to work for yourself?" questionnaire & it's anonymous nature seriously.

Gang, the insight we gathered from YOU to build this True North mission was too specific to be "random." Let's dig in...

Read on!

The Results are in

We have reviewed hundreds of incredibly truthful/vulnerable responses submitted, line by line. We will be unpacking each theme in detail in the letters to follow...

But 2 fears were shared on nearly every one. The top reason for not living your True North?

I can't afford to take the risk.

You believe this, because you don't have a proven plan nor the support to help guide your success.

Neither did I. I fumbled through mistake after expensive mistake, but I figured it out.

We are building True North Revival so you don't have to spend 8 years "figuring it out".

Our commitment to those ready to work for themselves is to not only provide each logical step towards living life on your terms, but also LIVE access to expert advisors/resources at the ready to help pave your quickest path to freedom.

We will discuss this concern in more detail in our next letter. Look for that later this week!

One this is Clear

Though stated in various way...

You don't believe you can.

Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Living the good life doesn't happen over night & it doesn't come effortlessly. However, doing the work is different than trying to learn how to operate a business for the first time at the same time

We get that. Which is why we your voice matters, we hear you loud & clear.

To address the above concerns & the others you have shared, we are weeks away from inviting those of you ready (scared but ready ;) to work for yourself, to an 8 week experience designed to set you free.

Taking our experience + your shared fears/concerns, we are focusing on removing the [mental] roadblocks keeping you from this dream while providing the steps & resources necessary to getting your first business, off the ground.

More info on that to follow, look for our upcoming letters for more details.


Mickeli Bedore

When you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Join the True North Collective: Join our exclusive membership program of like-minded people on their focused journey to maximize freedom and fulfillment. We provide the strategies, action, and accountability you need to find and live your true north lifestyle.

  2. Attend an upcoming revival event: Join an in-person gathering of freedom-seekers and fulfillment enthusiasts for exhilarating live experiences that blend fun, connection, and transformative learning.

  3. Follow me on LinkedIn. Ready to ditch the ordinary and carve your path to genuine freedom? Brace yourself for uncensored stories, unconventional wisdom, and a one-way ticket to unbridled freedom and fulfillment.

Upcoming Events:

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