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Wellness. Healing. Community.

Experience true Nordic Fire + Ice therapy.

Make your next gathering legendary.

Inspired by the Nordic tradition of hot/cold therapy, we are bringing the undeniable health benefits of 

sauna + cold plunge to the Flathead Valley.


When the crackling of the wood begins, and the conversation starts, everything changes. We gather together to let our guards down, sweat out our struggles, and forge strength that is stronger than fire and ice.

Are you in?

Wellness awaits ...

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Why wood fired, barrel sauna?

Benefits of consistent time in our cedar, wood fired barrel saunas include:

  • increased metabolism

  • weight loss

  • increased blood circulation

  • skin rejuvenation

  • improved immune function

  • lower risk of stroke, dementia & cardiovascular disease

  • more restful sleep


Why 35 degree cold plunge?

Just minutes a day of cold exposure via our cold plunge tubs provides:

  • increased focus

  • reduced inflammation

  • accelerated metabolism & fat burning

  • 250% dopamine increase that persists for up to 4-6 hours

  • immune strengthening

  • faster physical recovery & improved stress management


Why Sauna+Plunge MT?

Our passion is to provide authentic nordic hot/cold plunge therapy through:

  • the best barrel saunas in the world

  • sessions led by lifelong practitioners

  • natural, aged/wood burning heat

  • 35-40 degree cold water plunge

  • longevity focused health amenities

  • breathtaking mountain views 

  • curated experiences focused on fostering friendships & connection

Woman in a Sauna

we'll make your next event 


Whether you are celebrating a birthday, hosting a ladies night or team building event, nothing deepens relationships and creates memories like a  sauna +plunge session.

Let's Stoke!

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Sauna + Plunge Pricing 

  • Private Group Session (2hrs / up to 10 ppl): $399

Or join us on-site  weekly for our group sauna+plunge sessions

  • Public  Sessions:  $45/person


What's Included

We offer three  unique offerings with additional add on items available for purchase. 

Please contact us below with additional questions.  Together, let's make your unique experience epic. 

Book Today

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your questions answered


Why have a sauna party?

The sauna is best when shared.  It is an ideal way to unwind, take a breath, and depart from technology & the noise of the world while relaxing next to a crackling fire.  It naturally promotes amazing conversation and quality time as a group.  We have had birthday parties, bachelorette parties, work groups, and guys nights alike. 


Do I need to be in shape?

The beauty of every sauna/plunge session is you can come as you are. Peak physical fitness is not a requirement to lounge in the sauna or lay in one of our cold tubs. All we ask is to come mentally prepared to leave each experience better than before. 


Do I need to cold plunge?

No, but we don't think you'll regret it.  The health benefits are outrageous, the experience is fun and though perhaps a bit scary the first time, and it makes for a great story - especially when the plunge is shared with friends.  Plunge for 30 secs or 2 minutes; either way, you'll not soon forget it...and maybe even grow to love it like we have. 


How do I prepare?

Water - drink LOTS of water - before, especially during, and after the sessions!  Do not consume alcohol at any point, and trust your body - if it is saying you're too hot, it's time to take a plunge or a break. 

Interested in bringing a sauna home to stay? 

We partner with the BEST sauna craftsmen on this side of the fjords.

We would love to share more on how you could own your very own.

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