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Lifestyle Business Collective


Accelerate the Lifestyle
You Desire But Never Thought Possible 

If you've thought about living life on your terms but don't know where to start... you've come to the right place.

You Were Made For More

And the world is waiting for you to get started.

Has your career path left you feeling unfulfilled?

Are you putting your paycheck ahead of your health?

Are you successful "on paper" but feel like something is still missing?

Are you building someone else's dream instead of your own?

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Own Your Destiny

Design a lifestyle that can never be taken away.


Eliminate Financial Risk

Most people think they can't afford to walk away from their current job because of the financial risk. Our mission is to show you how to eliminate that risk by building income streams alongside the safety net of your current W-2 or existing business.


Getting Started

Stop overthinking and take action, there will never be the "perfect" time. True North's purpose is to inspire the exact plan your past excuses can't compete with.  Getting started is half the battle, but you don't have to do it alone. Together, we help you get started on the right path today.  

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Overcoming Fear of Failure

Whether it's imposter syndrome or simple self-doubt, the biggest obstacle to lifestyle freedom often lies between our ears. True North's collective sessions are led by industry experts who will guide you and motivate you, step by step towards your ideal lifestyle so you can execute with confidence. 



What Makes This Different?

The business collective for purposeful living.


Industry Expert Led Sessions

Our collective features sessions led by hand picked thought leaders (mindset, financial, branding, legal, growth, etc.) as together we work towards building  business actions that supports your True North lifestyle.


Life Changing Retreats

 Our belief is when we unplug, get out of our day to day and join like-minded folks also chasing their true north, magic happens. So, quarterly we invite collective members to join each other, live for immersive learning + unique experience focused on growth.


Unmatched Camaraderie

To build a life of financial/purposeful balance, disciplined time management & executive guidance is a necessity. As a collective, we inspire while holding each other accountable so you can excel at managing all life/business aspects needed to set you free.

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You'll Experience Freedom

This immersive collective accelerates business streams + investment strategies designed to support your ideal lifestyle.
Focus 1

Define Your True North

One of the defining pillars of our collective is EVERYONE will define their "lifestyle contract" through which we are committing to each other to not give up until our True North lifestyle is realized. 

Lifestyle Design

To reach our destination, we must define our path: 

  • Nailing down the life you've always wanted to live

  • The personal/professional goals you have to make it so

  • The obstacles that have kept you from it/how to overcome

  • Achievable success metrics committed to making it reality

You'll walk away with

  • Your Why + Why Now Defined

  • Lifestyle Business/Career Path Designed

  • Time Management Systems

  • Financial Growth Goals Set

Focus 2

Design Your Path

Once your True North lifestyle is designed, we need to focus on getting revenue in the door as well as putting that "house money" to work. This is where we focus on pairing your personal happiness alongside your professional goals. 

Your Quickest Path to Freedom

To be truly free, mitigated risk is received through financial strength:

  • Designing your quickest path to opportunity/revenue

  • Defining the right business/career path towards freedom

  • Time management tools to enable financial maximization

  • The financial vehicles that will put your $ to work for you NOW

You'll walk away with

  • Business/Career Path, for action NOW

  • Scheduling Tools for Focused Execution

  • Financial Strategies for Passive Growth

  • New Income Streams Working for YOU

Focus 3

Deploy Your True North 

As a collective, we put the finishing touches on your income stream(s) + business/career path designed to not only support your True North lifestyle... but finally turn this lifelong goal into a tangible reality. 

Your Best Life Lived

At last, we put the final pieces together so you can get started

  • We finalize the Go-to Market plan you will leverage for the first 6-9 months to test your V1 freedom

  • We tighten & confirm your financial/Lifestyle Contract

  • As a collective, we push each other to NEVER give up

  • Bi-monthly, we learn while holding each other accountable

You'll walk away with

  • Your True North Lifestyle Plan put to Work 

  • Bi-weekly Peer to Peer coaching + Expert mentorship

  • Once of a kind, collective retreats focused on growth & recharge

  • Your True North life lived. 

“In 3 months I accompished a goal that took me 11 years to make possible on my own. Now I am self-employed & the father I always wanted to be."

Tracy, MN

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the collective time commitment?

Sessions are 1- 1.5 hours held

bi-weekly over lunchtime (CST).

Each initial commit is for a 12 month period. 

All we ask is vulnerability and availability as we work towards our goals together. 

All sessions will be recorded and key take-aways / action steps shared. 

How does the collective work?

The first monthly session, held the 1st week of each month is focused on peer to peer growth, accountability and connection.

The 2nd session, held every 3rd week of each month, is led by by industry subject experts set

to provide clarity around the tactical questions asked in the previous session. 

What will I walk away with?

For those who commit to take each session seriously and complete the supporting tasks, you will walk away with your True North lifestyle defined, REAL income streams that support your True North lifestyle & the continuous freedom you have been longing for. 

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from our founder

Live Life on Your Terms

Eight years ago I walked away from a comfy, 11 year corporate career. It was one of the scariest moments of my life as my first baby was only 3 months old & we just took on our first "real" home mortgage outside of the several rentals we owned. 

5 startups later + early retirement" in between made me realize... We can't quit now. 

So today, our True North mission is to help others live the good life by helping them find the quickest path to opportunity & freedom. We accomplish this together through a practical, model that leverages 20 years of network building, sales, investing & entrepreneurship experience.

If TRUE freedom is on your bucket list, join us. 

Mickeli's website

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Take Control

Now is the time...

If you are wondering if True North's lifestyle collective is right for you, apply here.

I will personally reach out to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 


Thank you for considering pursuing your True North, let's build something amazing together.



Mickeli Bedore

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