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The Invitation.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

I had a call this week with a fellow Revivalist, one of the first I had the chance to work with when we were kicking things off.

His story is incredible & his life today, far better/different than it was 3 months ago.

You see, today, he lives life on his terms. He takes Friday's off, he is a present father AND his business is booming.

Sound dreamy? Then our collective is ready & waiting for you.

If it's time. Read on!

We only get one lap, make it count.

One of the BEST decisions I made in my life was to pursue entrepreneurship full time. Working for yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family & your future.

But, one thing I learned over these past 8 years is....

You can go fast alone, or far together.

During my first 3 years of working for myself full time, I made EVERY mistake in the book at least twice.

I set up my legal entity (ps - sole proprietorship = no bueno) wrong. I didn't file my taxes quarterly & got fined. I thought "write off" was free glass side tickets to a Minnesota Wild playoff game (it's not ;)...

Why? Because I was all alone, I had NO idea what I was doing & I didn't have anyone to ask because most of my friends were still working corporate jobs.

Don't do it alone.

If there is one simple truth I've learned along the journey is that...

Iron sharpens Iron.

When I went out on my own full-time, I didn't have a community of fellow lifestyle business builders, in fact... back then, you weren't even considered a "true entrepreneur" if you weren't a scaling founder, let alone a Lifestyle Business builder.

Fast forward to today, with our economy in flux & lay offs making the headlines daily...

Being able to make fire (streams of income) with your bare hands, is security that can't be taken away.

Sound interesting? Then allow me to introduce our True North Collective. A peer to peer professional advisory group for freedom seeking business builders who want to live their best lives, stress free.

This bi-weekly event was designed for those of us that want to earn/create additional streams of income, work for ourselves, OR simply just do entrepreneurship better.

As a conservative, calculated risk taker... I hate risking financial security as much as the next person, so to me creating a community & platform that I NEVER had when I took the leap was the quickest path to fulfill my calling - helping as MANY freedom seekers live life on their terms as possible.

From motivation & inspiration to expert coaching & advisement, our Collective was designed to celebrate & educate those who are called for more.

To learn a little more, check out our intro reel below. [Link to Watch]


Mickeli Bedore

When you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Join the True North Collective: Join our exclusive membership program of like-minded people on their focused journey to maximize freedom and fulfillment. We provide the strategies, action, and accountability you need to find and live your true north lifestyle.

  2. Attend an upcoming revival event: Join an in-person gathering of freedom-seekers and fulfillment enthusiasts for exhilarating live experiences that blend fun, connection, and transformative learning.

  3. Follow me on LinkedIn. Ready to ditch the ordinary and carve your path to genuine freedom? Brace yourself for uncensored stories, unconventional wisdom, and a one-way ticket to unbridled freedom and fulfillment.

Upcoming Events:

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